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About the silky fowl   Secret of silky fowl's black
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The silky fowl is chicken's kind.
The silky fowl is round small dice from the broiler.
The face is white, a black, and spots.
Male's silky fowl's crown is a walnut crown.
The crown of a female silky fowl is a feather comb.
Digiti pedis are big and small 5(Other chickens are 4), and have the feature of hairiness etc.
In another big characteristic of the silky fowl, all of the skin, meat, and the bone are dark colors regardless of the color of the feather.

There is a philosophy in old times in China.
It eats the animal, the plant, and the mineral according to the physical condition.
And, health is kept.
For instance, "Niwatorikimoyu" of China and "SANGETAN" of South Korea are called the court dish , and noble dishes.
There is a custom in the provinces in Taiwan that are.
The custom is to take the child of a male, female silky fowl at the marriage.
The silky fowl will become a mature fowl in about one year.
They become the best dish materials for the furnishing of nutrition after it gives birth.
  The silky fowl's skin, meat, and bone are the black.
The secret is a melanin pigment.
It is said that a black soybean, black tea, the black sesame, and raw sugar are good for the body.
Because the melanin pigment is contained.

  Element comparison table

Vitamin A
( I.U.100g )
Eel : 25.000I.U
Silky fowl : 243.000I.U
Vitamin B2
( mg/100g )
Cow liver : 3.00mg
Silky fowl : 5.46mg
Iron content
( mg/100g )
Spinach : 3.7mg
Silky fowl : 35.7mg
( ppm/100g )
Soybean : 32.5ppm
Silky fowl : 107ppm
--Analysed by Japan Food Research Laboratories--


Pure blood silky fowl that grew up in vast CHIKURIN to whom natural water springs up.
"YAGI-SHOUKAI" introduce to you this pure blood silky fowl as a supplement.



  The raw material of "SANGETAN" is a fresh silky fowl.
It is a grainy supplement where the nutrient is maintained by an original manufacturing method.
Retinorl and vitamin A and vitamin B group besides the essential amino acid that composes the body are contained.
Moreover, a lot of minerals such as an iron content, zinc, calcium, and magnesium insufficient because of eating habits of every day easily are contained.
Everyone can use it as a suitable supplement for the health maintenance of every day.

Principal ingredient
Mineral ( Iron content , Zinc , Calcium , Magnesium , Manganese )
Vitamin ( A , B2 , B12 )
Essential amino acid

Name of articles SANGETAN - Grainy -
Raw material Silky fowl's powder ,
Shell flour of table egg ,
Saccharose fatty acid ester
Amount of content 48g
( 200mg * 240 Grains )
Entering by 240 Grains
18,000 yen (including tax)



  In "Magen", silky fowl's marrow including the nutrient such as collagen is a principal ingredient.
It is a supplement that extracted only the marrow of the pure blood silky fowl
that grew up in vast Takebayashi to whom natural water springs up.
"Magen" is made by the policy to a natural element and the material selected carefully.

Principal ingredient
Chondroitin sulfate
Seramid glycolipid
Phosphoric lipid
Essential amino acid
Vitamin B group

Name of articles MEIGEN
Raw material Silky fowl's marrow liquid ,
Gelatin , Glycerin
Amount of content 27g
( 450mg * 60 Grains )

Entering by 60 Grains
22,000 yen (including tax)



  Do you need to think about a balanced furnishing of nutrition for the health maintenance ?
The phosphorus lipid of lecithin etc. is contained in the yolk oil.
Moreover, various nutrients such as vitamin E, DHA, and EPA are abundantly included.
This item uses only the yolk of the egg that the silky fowl selected carefully.
So that everyone may easily drink the extract of silky fowl's egg.

Principal ingredient
Phosphoric lipid ( Lecithin , Colin , etc. )
Linoleic acid
Oleic acid
Vitamin ( E , B6 , Folic acid , Pantothenic acid )

Name of articles Silky fowl's yolk oil
Raw material Silky fowl's yolk oil , Safflower oil ,
Hot water of wheat embryo bud
Amount of content 22.5g
( 250mg * 90 Grains )

Entering by 90 Grains
18,000 yen (including tax)


Silky fowl's soup

  The silky fowl is called one of the highest class materials of the court dish from of old.
Because meat and the egg of silky fowl's delicious have been valued highly.
As for the silky fowl's soup, silky fowl's meat and enough vegetable are used.
In addition, KUKONOMI, a pignolia nut, a mushroom, and a natural salt are used.
The silky fowl's soup is highest-quality soup cooked spending time by using them.

Name of articles Soup
Raw material Silky fowl's meet , Onion , Welsh onion ,
Ginger , KUKONOMI , Pignolia nut
Amount of content 270g ( For two ) * 10 Packs

Entering by 10 packs
One pack in 270g - For two
8,000 yen (including tax)


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